Invisalign Seminar: Advantages of Clear Aligners vs Conventional Appliances


The orthodontic indications for Clear Aligner treatment are continuously increasing year by year since more biomechanical development have constantly been introduced into the system. The new features together with the possibility to manage the 3D position of the teeth, made the Clear Aligners System more efficient and faster when compared to traditional fixed appliance in some specific malocclusion, but in particular due to the morphological configuration and to the force delivery system they could represent an elective solution to a problem not easily solved with traditional fixed appliance.


Speaker:  Dr Allessandro Greco

  • DDS PhD
  • Visiting Professor at University of Ferrara
  • Visiting Professor at University of L'Aquila
  • Date:  Friday 15/11/2019 - Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Registration / Entrance:  
  • Location:  M-floor Workshops Arena, Art Rotana Hotel -Amwaj Island-Bahrain

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Seminar Outline

In particular we can distinguish different categories of ideal conditions, some elective affinity in which clear Aligner are not only the ideal solution but sometimes they open a total new option not possible to manage alternatively with conventional appliances:

  • When we deal with periodontal patients a closed system like Aligners could represent the only alternative option able to avoid dangerous movements like jiggling for periodontal compromise teeth.
  • Anterior crossbite of one or more incisors or canine, is a condition in which the thickness of the Aligners gives more simplicity squeezing the time to the resolution.
  • All vertical discrepancies, openbite for the combination of masticatory forces, thickness of Aligners and force exerted by the appliance, and for the same reason deepbite thanks to the change in masticatory forces acting on the bite ramps.
  • Class III malocclusion in teenager or adult where the lower distal-inclination of molars could represent an option not possible to manage only with fixed, so it’s a new option opened by the Clear Aligner system.
  • Pre prosthetic molar uprighting and intrusion, in which the force exerted by the Aligner pushing on all the area of the teeth could provide unexpected and powerful correction on sagittal and vertical plane. In this lecture we will compare these kinds of Malocclusions treated with conventional fixed appliances and with Clear Aligner System trying to focus on time, patient management and level of complexity of biomechanics.

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