Workshop Title: Enhancement of Clinical Skills in Molar Endodontics


In the workshop, the participants will be shown with illustrations a simple method of gaining access to the pulp chamber. This will be followed by the refining of the access cavity to reveal the root canal orifice. Hand instrumentation to reach the apical foramen with the use of chelators and small size files will be shown. This step paves way for creating a reproducible glide path in preparation for the shaping of the root canal with the use of rotary NiTi instruments. The optimum methods for tooth length measurement and cleaning of the canal will be shown. Once the canals are shaped well the optimum methods of three dimensional obturation will be shown. All through the participants will be made to perform the different steps under continuous guidance.


Speakers:  Prof.S. Balagopal

  • MDS., MSc.
  • Professor and Head, Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics Tagore Dental College-INDIA.
  • Date:  Sunday 17/11/2019
  • Time:  9 AM to 4 PM
  • Registration Fee:  130 BHD / 1300 SAR
  • Location:   M-floor Workshops Arena, Art Rotana Hotel -Amwaj Island-Bahrain
  • Accredation:

Course Outline

  1. Structure Bound and Guided Access Cavity Preparation.
  2. Canal Shaping through Hand and Rotary Instrumentation
  3. Creation of Reproducible Glide Path and Its Significance.
  4. Attainment of Pulp Space Asepsis.
  5. 3D Obturation of the Pulp Space Using a Few Current Techniques.

Course Agenda