Workshop Title: Complete Denture Hands-on workshop


Restoring Fully edentulous patient is a challenge and it needs skills you are not born with. You need to learn where and how to place teeth in 3 dimension space. As the principles we are using for restoring edentulous patient with implant the same principles for CD so it doesn’t matter what is the final restoration of fully edentulous patient will be , it is always almost start with skill of CD. So The skill of treatment plan implant prosthodontic are identical to CD skills there is no landmark in edentulous patient implants have to go where teeth have to go.

The workshop will focus on step by step Clinical and laboratory process for Fabricating predictable and esthetic Complete denture concentrating on natural esthetics, phonetics and functional concept, Anatomical landmarks, teeth arrangements truly personalized based on facial characteristic, oral land marks and factors of denture contour which benefit patient. A portion of slide/lecture and live patient demo will help you to obtain more accurate results with complete denture cases.

And also the workshop participants learn clinical tips and techniques, set up complete upper and lower dentures utilizing 20,30-degree teeth in balanced occlusion, Articulators and face bow setting necessary to achieve accurate bilateral working and balancing occlusal contacts, wax contouring, Highly experienced prosthodontics will share from practical experience of denture fabrication from impression to insertion.


Speaker:  Dr. Maysoon Al-Alawi

  • B.D.S., M.G.D.S, MSD,USA
  • Consultant Prosthodontics
  • Date:  Wednesday 13/11/2019 - Time: 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Registration Fee:  130 BHD / 1300 SAR
  • Location:  M-floor Workshops Arena, Art Rotana Hotel -Amwaj Island-Bahrain
  • Accredation:   6 CME From NHRA


Learn how to
  • Evaluate your patient’s edentulous anatomy and facial characteristics
  • Obtain accurate impression
  • Obtain vertical dimension and centric relation
  • Select denture teeth for esthetic and function
  • Articulating final cast on Semiadjustable Denar articulators utilizing facbow transfer and Centric relation
  • Balanced occlusion and impotence of protrusive record
  • Verifying vertical dimension and centric relation
  • Insertion of dentures

Course Agenda